Along with many snakes, we have 12 tegus and they are all members of the family. I spent a lot of time asking Nick questions about the product, how it's made, what it contains, and more. He was happy to talk through all my questions and his answers gave me confidence to buy his product to feed my tegus. 

After trying a small sample pack and seeing how much my tegus liked them I was ready to order more and have been a happy customer since.

Many people have asked why Reptilinks appealed to me, and for me it was a few things.

1. Ease of preparation

Less time prepping food and more time interacting with the animals.

2. Varied diet

Get picky eaters to eat their fruits and veggies. Along with getting animals that only like to eat one item per feeding a more balanced and filing meal. 

3. Less mess.

Both in making the food, and in serving it. The casing on the links help keep the food together instead of all over the cage.

I look forward to Nick continuing to expand his Reptilink menu and offering even more variety to feed mine and your animals.

- Dan Rowe