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Introducing the Mega-Blend! It is well known Reptiles thrive on a varied diet. The Reptilinks team takes great pride in offering the most diverse selection of prey types on the market, portioned to suit a wide range of keeper's needs for virtually any species. Our mega-blend offers all of our prey types in one power packed link and ready to feed! Struggling to meet nutritional needs of many different species is now a thing of the past! Take the headache and worry away and spend more time with your thriving animals. Order the mega-blend with 100% confidence your companions and or breeders are getting all their nutritional needs with one punch. 

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Every prey type, in one! Guinea fowl, Pheasant, Chicken, Coturnix Quail (includes whole bird and some feathers), Ohio raised New Zealand white or California white breed rabbit, and bullfrog legs, 100% natural collagen casing.

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